It's Your Story.

You've hunched over the notepad with pen in hand, then you sat at the computer and stared at the blank white page on the screen until blood came from your eyes. You laced together word after word, cut it up, and laced things together in new shapes until you got it just right. You've made your story, and now you're ready to make it a book. Now you're ready to release it into the wild and see what happens.

...but now you're faced with the question of, how the heck do I do that?!

That's what LKJ Books is here for. LKJ has been an avid reader and writer for over twenty years, and has been professionally helping other authors prep and shine their books for the world at large for nearly a decade. She is ready to help you with yours. Whether it's making a striking cover, creating an attractive and clean aesthetic for the interior, or polishing those words until they shine, LKJ can help. And even once you've sent your book out there, she can help with promotional graphics to help bolster that work.


Need Shine?

LKJ Does Covers!

You can check out her work and pricing for cover art and promotional graphics at her sister site. Cover Me!