There is a variety of materials out there that authors can use for things like giveaways or book signings, from business cards to bookmarks to table banners and more! Utilizing websites like VistaPrint or UPrinting, I can help turn your cover art (or other promotional images) into any of these things–and more! Check out either of the above sites to see what kinds of things can be printed, then contact me and we can make it happen.

I can also help you with purely digital materials like "quote art," with a quote from your work placed with a relevant image, or book banners that can be shared on social media, placed on websites, or used in blog tours.

Pricing varies depending on the particular item and the complexity of the work, starting at $10 and going up from there. Inquire about a specific item for more information!

Character & Item 3D Renders

I am able to do 3D character renders for covers and promotional use. See the "Cover Art" page for more information!