When your words are written and you need them checked, it's time to hire a proffessional word-checker!

Upfront & Straightforward

I want you to know how I work before you hire me, so I will edit a sample of your work for free: up to 1500 words. The sample allows me to know how much work your story will take, so I can tell you when I return it how much it will cost and how long it will take. Please note that I don’t rush my edits and I have more going on than editing books, so this is not an instantaneous process. I will work with deadlines as best as I’m able, but don’t expect a 100K word story to be done in a weekend.

I cannot promise to catch 100% of every proper comma and minute error, no editor can. Even books coming out of large New York traditional publishers and even big digital publishers are missing more and more. Gone are the days of the big name house editor working a labor of love; working closely with an author to meticulously mold and craft the ideal story.

This is what I try to do for you, however. I can promise that I will work my hardest and give you 110% to make your story shine. While I work hard to make sure that all the details (spelling, grammar, punctuation) are as good as possible, I also focus on how the story reads and flows. I will streamline awkward phrases, trim excess words, and tighten passive passages. I want to make sure that your prose does not hinder the unique story you’re telling, while trying to preserve your special authorial Voice.

What Will It Cost?

The price for a book needing the “average” amount of work is %0.005/word. This means a story of 50,000 words will cost $250.

If your book requires more work than average, and thus will take longer for me to do, the price scales up depending the amount of work, though never more than $0.01/word. I will be able to tell you how much work the story takes when I see the sample.

If you want me to go over the book a second time, the rate for the second pass is $.001 to $.002 less than the cost of the first pass.

A Request

As much as we may hate to admit it, editors are human! If your book continues sexual violence, extensive torture scenes, or harm against children, please let me know in advance! Stumbling over those in my work can be a little difficult for me. Thank you!